KBIS 2019

I mean wow! #KBIS2019 sure did have a lot of very cool trends and ingenuity to explore. I came back to my design studio super inspired and very excited for the year and the new projects we have on the horizon.

I hope you find this blog post fun, interesting, exciting, and full of ideas that will motivate you to contact STUDIO 9 for a design consultation. I’m not one for trends that will fade away within 5 years, but the obvious one that is here to stay is color, color, color and MORE color! I’m talking appliances, faucets, cabinet hardware, cabinetry, etc.! Glamorous brass and rose gold fixtures were also a very big hit; sleek, sexy, and the new timeless metal finish (even the mixing of metals too). Two of my favorite design elements that were predominate throughout KBIS 2019 were smoked glass doors for upper kitchen cabinets (closets too!) and lots of greenery. Having your very own herb garden in the middle of your kitchen island…. Genius! Why didn’t I think of that one!

This blog post will be a little different from the rest. I find it more inspiring to tell the story with images and quick descriptions highlighting these captivating kitchen and bath ideas.

I have Always been a fan of the color Black. Black wardrobe, Black cars, Black accessories, and of course interiors with sophisticated black finishes. Stunning black plumbing fixtures with brass & rose gold accents were all the rave. Smoked glass door panels, and gorgeous black natural stone surfaces including a handsome black marble island/work-surface table were statement pieces. Check this out, a very interesting use of mohair as a countertop. Kitchen interior design never felt so stylish.


Formica has never looked so effortlessly chic! For those of you who aren’t too familiar with Formica; they are a laminate surface manufacturer… normally you see laminate countertops in apartment buildings or in commercial areas like your doctor’s office. The Formica I saw this year is on another level. You can even apply it now to your cabinet doors and furniture. Check out their new finishes. Amazing!


Kitchen islands demonstrated to be one of the main stars of the show. For those of you that love to grow your own herbs, enjoys wooden accents, and isn’t afraid to mix metals and finishes… well your kitchen island dreams are displayed below. Indulge yourself! Herbs in the middle of your island; how efficient and savvy! (The only thing that concerns me about this herb concept is a potential insect problem) I know it requires patience and maintenance to keep your herbs looking lush and green consistently, but I think it’s well worth the effort; if that’s what you’re in to.


Colored cabinets were a success at this show, and with reason. Look at these bold hues paired up with sleek brass and rose gold hardware. Let me tell you, they did-NOT shy away from mixing metals and neither should you! Interior kitchen cabinet design has broken all rules, leaving no detail behind. It is impossible not to want this in my own kitchen. All the kitchen displays were beautifully done… my words won’t do it any justice… just enjoy these images displaying these decadent kitchens. But wait… faux croc skin base cabinets with chrome hardware, a wooden backsplash, paired with rose gold hardware, and black shelves?! Is this real life?! Check it out for yourself! If this doesn’t scream luxury kitchen interior design, I don’t know what does…


I was too excited writing about these daring new cabinetry details that I forgot to mention that porcelain slab upper kitchen cabinet doors are now a thing. Did you ever dream of an all marble kitchen? Accomplish the look with these slim porcelain slab door veneers without the heavy weight of natural stone.

Let’s talk Solid Brass appliances…. Yep that’s a thing now too. Check out this gas range, what a Diva! There were others at the tradeshow just as bold; like a trunk converted into a gas stove top! The kitchen industry is really wilding out this time! There is a collection of 6 prototype ovens where they have completely customized the door panels using brass, rose gold, marble, and wood facades. What are your thoughts on them? Would you like to see them in your kitchen? And lastly, A Dual Four-Part Pure convection oven was introduced… in simpler terms, you can bake salmon and cookies at the same time (time saver, I would say) without having to worry about your cookies tasting like Salmon! That may sound super fancy but my personal favorite in appliances were seeing mixed metal finishes… rose gold with brass or stainless steel; very nice.


It was very nice to see the entire show to incorporate lots of greenery throughout their displays. Makes me feel that we all are doing a conscious effort to remember to preserve our beautiful planet. Lots of “Live Walls”, cute little succulent assembles and lush greenery as décor, and of course the kitchen island mini herb garden.


In a nutshell that was my first experience at KBIS. I was very entertained and inspired by what the show had to offer. Overall, I rate the show a 9 out of 10. Plus, the happy hour bubblies were a plus! I look forward to attending KBIS in the future and pass on the inspiration on to you. Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I appreciate every single comment, engagement, and look forward to your feedback. Please feel free to visit my Instagram page @studio9id or website for more inspo! We look forward to your double taps.