The Best Home Office Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces- Post Covid Use


As a result of the terrible Covid-19 pandemic that swept the world into an unimaginable voyage of mortality and morbidity, all industries had to change how they worked. Due to lockdowns and market shutdowns, people had to work from home. In the beginning, having no idea of a home office, we all attended meetings and online classes from the bedroom or dinner table. Nevertheless, a focused and organized environment is crucial to productive work.

With the advancing mutations and arrival of new strains of the virus, it is still unpredictable how we will work in the future. So the need of the hour is to organize and personalize a small office in your den. Don’t worry cause you don’t have to build another room; any small space will work. The following description will quench you with practical and innovative home office interior design ideas and ways to personalize your workspace.

Home Office Interior Ideas

Learn to utilize small spaces in your den, for example, hallway, kitchen nook, under the staircase, storage room, terrace, and wardrobe for the hidable office. The following are a few ideas; however, you can get inspiration from these ideas and utilize other hidden spaces in your home. Moreover, you can also turn your spare dressing table into a small office.

Home Offices in the Hallway

Many homes have small or large hallways or corridors connecting and opening to other rooms. Though this interior space is merely an entrance to the home, you can still utilize some room using advanced space-saving furniture. Nevertheless, ensure that you keep your hallway decluttered and eye-catching.

Flip-down home office

How about having a demountable home office in your hallway? Are you bothered by a desk in the corridor when your guests are about to arrive? Invest in a flip-down desk for your home office interior design in the hallway. Several types of flip-down desks and foldable chairs are available in the market in various styles like industrial, mid-century modern, wall-mounted, drop-leaf, and floating desks that turn into shelves. Have one according to your hallway free space, and accessorize the shelves in a minimalistic manner so that you can quickly flip back the floating desk.

Affixed home office

You can think of a permanent home office if you have a large hallway. Use the horizontal space and invest in some horizontal tables with long lengths and small widths. Also, put small, cozy chairs and organize your desk with a pen holder, books, portable printer, paperweights, and small vases with plants. Don’t forget to add enough lighting to the space. For this purpose, you can put desk lamps or install LED lights on the wall. Auch home office interior design is best for siblings and couples who don’t mind working close.

Home Offices in the Wardrobe

Do you want a hideable home office? How about hiding it in your cupboard? If you have many wardrobes and can spare some for another utility, it’s best to make it a hidden home office. It is also best when your stationery clutter bothers you a lot. To accomplish this idea, remove your clothes from the wardrobe and paint them in a bright neutral color, most preferably white, to enhance lighting. Use the upper shelves of your wardrobe to place stationery and books.

Moreover, utilize the space of the bottom wider shelf to place your laptop or computer. You can widen the space by removing a shelf or two, or in case it’s a hanging wardrobe, you can add shelves according to your need. Place the stuff and organize it so it won’t hinder the closing of the wardrobe. If you want to use a foldable chair to place in front of your wardrobe home office, you can unfold it quickly afterward.

Home Offices Under Staircase

Often overlooked, the under stairs area can be used for a home office and as a storage space. Place a desk and a chair of your choice and adorn the space with plants, vases, books, and stationery holders. You can use a piece of carpet or a rug to make a zone for your small home office. Don’t forget to add a lamp or light since under the staircase can be dark. Moreover, clean up and disinfect the area carefully every day since such spaces are the den of spiders and roaches.

How to Personalize Your Workspace?

Since many people have had or will prefer to work from home, it is essential to upgrade your workspace. Regardless your work area includes a desk or a separate nook in your home, customizing and personalizing it will help improve your work productivity. It is because a perfectly brightened up and organized with an adequate amount of oxygen and availability of supplies triggers inspiration and motivation and improves focus.

Clean Up and Sanitize

Whether you opt for a kitchen nook, or hallway area for your home office, cleaning it is crucial, particularly after the horrible wind of Covid-19. Remove any unwanted stuff, broom, wash, or mop the floor. Next, disinfect and sanitize the area and mist with a room spray for fresh air. You can open the windows if present to let the fresh oxygen in.

Organize and Declutter

To increase the efficiency of your workspace, organize it with essentials but remember not to clutter the space. Include stationery items like pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, scales, geometry boxes, art supplies, and books appropriate to your industry. Nevertheless, the best idea is to use penholders and storage boxes for stationery supplies and increase the workspace. You can also put a portable printer, laptop, plant vase, or lamp according to your need. Remember, you should organize things and adorn them in a minimalistic fashion.

Comfortable Environment

The home office demands comfort since you cannot get that in your industry office. Nevertheless, in any case, it is essential to use comfortable furniture to avoid spine and neck pain. Use a chair that fits well to your posture and body measurements. You can add pillows and neck pads if necessary. A comfortable environment also suggests that the area should be well-lit and devoid of noise and smoke. Therefore, if you plan a kitchen office, ensure proper ventilation and exhaust facilities to avoid burning spice smells or smoke.

Decor and Accessorize

Despite the essentials, you can decorate your workspace for inspiration and motivation. Whatever inspires and motivates you, you can include that but avoid clutter. Some people love to place their family photo frame; others like to poster famous quotations and inspiring stories. Still, others get motivation from past rewards and love placing their awards and certificates on the wall.

Add Plants, Add Life

To freshen up your eyes and mood, you can include plants in your home office to freshen up your eyes and mood. You can choose the hanging ones or those placed on the floor in pots. Regularly water the pants but ensure that it does not wet or dampen your workspace; you can use mats for this purpose. Moreover, if you want o place a plant vase on your desk, prefer the succulents since they require very little water and are easy to care for. To hide the soil and control dirt, you can use stones.