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Bathroom4Modern Bathroom

Sometimes no new furniture is required when we design a space. Client’s often come to us when the furniture they love just isn’t working in…

1 1024x683 1Nursery For A Growing Family

At Studio 9, we understand the importance of designing rooms for a growing family. We incorporate playful color schemes, cozy reading nooks…

IMG 7367 1Grown Up Bedroom

For a young adult, a bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It is where they can show off their personality. We love helping them achieve just…

20160429 0139 CORRECTED WEB 1024x683 1Fashion Bedroom

A bedroom renovation can be the perfect graduation gift for any high schooler who wants a space that transitions from high school to college.

Los Angeles Interior Designer 1Fashion & Sparkle

Just like young adults, teenagers want their bedroom to express their personality and interests. They want a space just for them.

IMG 6878A Space To Entertain

Living spaces are where our clients entertain most of the time. They want to show off interesting art, objects, or heirlooms and family portraits…

Raquel 4225 LR Big Comp 1A Master Bath for Two

Whether it’s a small three-piece guest bathroom or part of a full-on master suite, our clients want luxurious bathrooms that they can feel good about.

IMG 6058 CORRECTED WEB 2Timeless Kitchen

We love kitchens! No matter the size or layout, our kitchens will include the essentials every cook craves…

LvyJ6TBwHotel Living at Home

Master bedrooms, like master bathrooms, are meant to be private retreats. There is nothing better than coming home and relaxing in your …