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EventSpace2 ScaledEvent Space

This Venue space located in Santa Monica, CA adjacent to beautiful oceanfront luxe hotels, the Santa Monica Pier, and 3 rd St.

Rahal ImageMedical Practice

A hair transplant clinic located in Beverly Hills needed their reception area to be designed catering to their high-end male clientele. Their goal was to create a modern and comfortable environment for their customers who were about to undergo hair transplant surgery

Nonprofit2 1Non-Profit Organization

STUDIO 9’s very first large commercial design project! This project is dear to our hearts. This non-profit organization is in the heart of East LA – in the Boyle Heights community.

Sustainable1Sustainable Design

An eco-friendly company located in Rancho Palos Verdes. Their primary focus was using sustainable materials starting from flooring, cabinetry, workstations, and breakroom furniture. Color scheme was chosen based on the company’s brand per their request.


This floor plan displays seating for 25-30 people, where people can relax on the sofa while reading a magazine or browsing their phone. The banquette will be made out a light-colored wood, finished in a gloss, leaving a natural look.

H12 Slide1 BackgroundComing Soon