It’s a Spring Thing

It has been raining an unusual amount in Los Angeles this year. Our city looks and feels so much brighter and cleaner. The views of the lavish greenery throughout our roads and highways is something we aren’t used to seeing often. Spring is upon us and we can already see the fruits of this year’s rainfall!

This month’s fabric story was inspired by our LA hills, they are now beautifully covered in a green velvet-like blanket of lush greenery. For this year’s Spring color palette, I have played with unexpected patterns, colors, and textures. At first glance these textile pairings may catch you by surprise. (Hopefully a pleasant one!)

Image003For those of you that have worked with me, know that I like to nudge you a tiny bit to where you are comfortable enough to stray away from the famous grays or greiges and what not… However, there is great caution to be taken when choosing to work with a bold palette for your home or office. When working with bold hues and patterns it is very important to balance those tones with solids and textures like velvets, chenilles, or boucles for a touch of luxury. Adding extra little details such as a tape border along your drapery edges or hems, and coordinating trims accenting your throw pillows; will all make a world of a difference. God is in the details my friends and please don’t skimp out on them! Otherwise it will probably end up looking like a hot mess. Yes, I said that. I’m here to tell you the truth and walk you through these pattern play urges you may feel tempted to explore. Step into my office and see how we have fun with pattern and texture at STUDIO 9. Remember, these fabric story inspos we put together for you are just a snap shot of the big picture. There are so many more details and design elements to explore. Contact us to help you jazz up your interiors! If patterns and vibrant colors aren’t your jam, don’t worry our design team can definitely tone the textile party down for you to enjoy as well. After all we are firm believers in the saying “Less is More.”

Without rain, nothing blooms. Below is my take on what has inspired me this Spring; Thanks to our rainy season! Green, teal, blue, and of course this year’s color; “Living Coral.” What’s in bloom for you this year?

Image004Full Bloom Fabric Scheme

This fabric story radiates a fun take on an airy space that fills the room with cheer and comfort. This bright palette welcomes a floral print in coral, a fun bold stripe complementing the floral pattern, and the lush green that was my ultimate inspiration for this blog post. You can see on this Pantone color chip the different tones of green you can pull from to your liking. Unexpected patterns are always welcomed when applied to drapery panels, accent chairs, headboards, ottomans; or for the simpler folk a few throw pillows will suffice.

Image006Where The Wild Things Are Fabric Scheme

I had a lot of fun coming up with this fabric story. In my early 20’s I was obsessed with the color Teal! I even had teal peak-a-boo highlights in my hair…during my college portrait days!! To be young and stupid, {insert eyeroll here} Anyways, when I came across this moody yet exotic fabric (It reminded me of Where The Wild Things Are, the classic Fave!) I was tempted to see how I can use that as part of this fabric story. Pulling in the same green velvet and the bold stripe fabric pictured above. You can see that almost every textile in bold hues can be versatile when used with purpose. Coral makes another appearance as well but in a darker tone, complimenting the striped textile and accents in the leafy floral pattern. I must admit that this fabric story isn’t for the faint of heart. I would opt to add this moody and whimsical fabric scheme to a Study, Guest Room, or Powder Room.

March marks the beginning of Spring, it inspires us to do some spring cleaning, freshen up our wardrobes and home goods, or even take on that exciting home renovation project! I hope our fabric stories inspire you just as much as they inspire me. Consider them as a small token of appreciation; for you from STUDIO 9; for taking the time to read our blogs and follow our stories on Instagram. If you would like to see a specific color or pattern featured in our fabric stories, please feel free to drop us a note in our comment box below or on our Instagram page @Studio9id!

Stay inspired, Raquel