Studio 9 Handcrafted Candles

As a token of our appreciation for entrusting Studio 9 Interior Design with creating a space of tranquility and functionality, we give our clients Studio 9 Interior Design handcrafted candles once installation is complete. Studio 9 handcrafted soy-based candles are locally made in Los Angeles, California. Designed in a dark sleek canister with lid displaying the Studio 9 logo. Each candle is individually handcrafted with care. Currently Studio 9 candles come in Red Currant and Exotic Musk aromas.

Red Currant is a sophisticated berry scent for women. Red Currant is a blend of red current with green and floral notes of rose, jasmine and geranium. Exotic Musk is a cologne scent with a hint of lemongrass and citrus for men, a nice suitable scent that will add ambiance to any room.

For Studio 9 it is always a pleasure to express ourselves creatively for all to enjoy. As a natural progression of our creativity Studio 9 Interior Design will soon begin to publicly sell Studio 9 handcrafted candles for all to enjoy. Be sure to connect with us socially on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter or Google + for information concerning the release date of Studio 9 handcrafted candles.
Raquel C.

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