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Remodel and New Construction Consultation

Interviewing your Builder, Architect, and Interior Designer is one of the most important stages you will embark prior to making your dream home become your reality. Once you have had the initial phone interview, meeting face to face is key at the project site if possible. From that moment, you will be able to tell if everyone will work well together because it becomes a relationship over the several months of planning and construction.

Studio 9’s design team and builders/tradesmen work well together and are well equipped to guide you towards the right direction for your project. Studio 9 takes on every project with the same amount of attention to detail.

Studio 9’s Pre-Construction Approach

During the programming phase, we organize a series of interviews and field measurements of the property. All parties are collecting information from one another to set construction goals, priorities, budget, and the feasibility of the overall project. Please don’t be afraid to ask us questions! It is in your best interest to address all your concerns, state factors of the project that are important to you, and always keep the communication open so that our team is always pointing you towards the right direction.

After our programming phase is complete we then proceed to the development of the design concept addressing problems that need to be solved. You will be presented with conceptual floor plans for proper space planning and elevations to help you visualize how your project could look like and how much it may cost to execute. Upon approval, we then proceed to the fun stuff! Presenting materials, finishes, plumbing & electrical fixtures, appliances, hardware, furniture, and fabric. Throughout this process, modifications made by your Builder, Architect, or Interior Designer may have been made to finalize construction documents to fit your budget.