How Does Purchasing Furniture and Decor Through an Interior Designer Work?

Have you ever wondered how purchasing furniture and decor through an interior design firm works? This is definitely something that most of my clients ask about when they start a design project, especially those that have never worked with a designer before. In today’s blog I’m going to explain, step-by-step, how Studio 9 Interior Design firm, purchases furniture and decor for our clients. After everything is selected and designed, I gather quotes from showrooms and/or vendors for furnishing and decor items. I have my assistant input all that information into spreadsheets and then I formulate my proposals. Once clients pay their deposit(s) or pay in full for items, my assistant places the orders and obtains lead dates for installation. I try my best to get Studio 9 clients the best deals in town!

Studio 9’s policy is to not place any orders until we have received payment from client for that item including, charges for freight, delivery and installation. Studio 9 places orders from companies who are insured and have all the necessary equipment and manpower for receiving, warehousing, delivery, and installing items ordered. When a client’s piece of furniture is delivered, it is inspected for damages, and then we schedule home delivery for the item. Freight charges can vary depending on the size, type of item, and weight. I usually estimate freight price based on my experience with my vendors, this price is included in the first payment made on your items.

Some of the items purchased through Studio 9 can be custom made, like upholstery which is done with fabric that I hand-select, because I know what will work best for my client’s project. I always recommend for clients to have their window treatment custom made because spending a little more will pay off in the long run. I usually do all the measurements for the windows and then have an installer do the rest. When it comes to lead time, times vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and that’s not something that I have control over. However, my assistant usually checks stock ahead of time to see if something is available at the time of placing the order; but if something is out of stock, it might take longer than expected.

At Studio 9 we try to offer our clients competitive prices but getting a client the absolute best price isn’t always possible therefore we sometimes encourage a client to buy from another source. If clients choose to buy from another source, we ask that they notify us so we don’t spend unnecessary time looking for items because after all, the client is paying for my time, so it’s beneficial to both parties to know client’s plans. I hope this rundown of how my interior design firm purchases products for a client was helpful to you. Give Studio 9 a call if you have any questions about purchasing through my firm.

-Raquel C