Pattern Play- Summer Edition

Have you been searching for a little glamour to brighten up the decor in your home? Maybe a bit of a colorful pattern in a room or two is all you need to give your living space life. Layering patterns in a room can be an intimidating process for a lot of people. As an interior designer, it is fun to arrange patterns with the right piece of furniture or accessory without the whole room looking like it’s crowded. If you have considered or are considering using patterns or prints in your decor but aren’t sure how to introduce additional patterns without ruining the sequence in the room, then continue reading this blog!

Combining patterns, textures, and prints is a simple way of transforming any room in your home, office, or business. Whether you have a kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom or living space that needs a little improvement or that would benefit from additional design and color, then you can try adding patterns without having to rethink the entire design concept. Choosing the right color palette will help you create a harmony of patterns. Using various shades of neutral colors or even going with one simple color such as an off-white, cream or beige, will make a statement all by itself. If all the colors are the same but the patterns vary then you’ll have a perfect subtle combination.

When it comes to choosing the pattern, some of us know exactly what we like, while others may be uncertain. Pattern choices can include everything from stripes to plaids to florals, damask, geometric shapes, and everything in between. Mixing and matching patterns is perfectly acceptable and generally preferred. The texture of the fabric also plays a role in creating the perfect mix and will enhance the effect of the pattern. Mixing and matching textured fabrics isn’t as important as the color and scale, but it is worth taking into consideration when making your selections. Take a look at all the gorgeous patterns below, how they can be combined with other patterns, textures, and colors. Studio 9 is just a call away to help you liven up your home!

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