Museum Days

Hello Studio 9 followers. Wishing you all a happy and productive Monday! Today I will blog about museums and the positive effect they can have during a design project. By visiting museums you get vast inspirations no matter what type of artist you are. Museums promote creativity, inspiration, relaxation, and puts life into a different perspective through the artist’s eye. As an interior designer, I love to visit museums because I’m inspired by all the different arts. I’ve been to a couple of museums in Los Angeles these past few months, including the Getty Center, The Broad, LACMA, and MOCA.

The Getty Center was very inspirational because I saw the Woven Gold: Tapestries of King Louis XIV Exhibit. It shows how the Baroque period influenced the palace of Versailles in France. This allows you to see how furniture was so important and lavish to King Louis. At the Getty I was able to see a variety of textiles, ornate furniture, and oversized furniture; which we still see today. The Broad, LACMA, and MOCA showcased more contemporary art. Again very inspiring on mixed media, textures, colors, and different but very cool paintings.

Museums are also very pleasant for a casual stroll, read a book at their gardens, set up an intimate picnic, bond with new and current friends, socialize, etc. Visiting a museum can also become a meaningful part of ones identity and contribute to successful social relationships. Children love the museums as well and will help expand their knowledge through art. I’m sharing a few pictures that I have taken during my visits, these pictures have given me inspiration for different projects. Stay tuned for more trips to other museums later this year!

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