How Long Does the Interior Design Process Take?

Are you thinking of hiring an interior designer but aren’t how long the process will take? In today’s blog, I will be discussing the timing for the interior design process. Estimating how long the interior design process will take can be a little tricky, especially when clients don’t provide accurate information. After so many years of experience I have been able to give clients an approximate time of when their project will be installed. Clients usually have a date of when they want their design concept completed but after I tell them about the process and the time it will take, they become more realistic with their deadline. Of course I try my best to meet their deadline but not when they expect to see an entire house remodeled in 2-3 weeks! Believe me, I’ve had clients call me with those expectations. Below is a brief timeline so that you can get an idea of a small project.

1. Set up meeting with client to sign contract and discuss design inspiration
2. Meet with client for first design concept meeting and present prices (week 2-3)
3. Make changes to design concept if client desires (week 3-4)
3. Present final design concept to client, along with prices and lead times for items to begin placing orders ( week 4-5)
4. Installation of furniture, lighting, art, etc: (week 8-9)

Of course not every project takes the same amount of time. Some projects take longer, it all depends on the size of the home/commercial building, on what the client desires and what their budget allows, how often a client changes their mind, availability of furniture and materials, and sometimes unforeseen set backs during constructions. The above are steps that I take when I’m hired for a design project. By looking at the above time line, you can see that the whole design process can take anywhere between four to six months, but it all depends on the clients needs. Call Studio 9 for all your design needs and I will make it my priority to meet your deadline.

-Raquel C.

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