How do I Know if I Need an Interior Designer?

Happy Friday Studio 9 followers! Do you have a home project and ask yourself the question, “Do I need an interior designer?” I think some people have a good sense of style but the problem is they don’t know how to put it all together. Sometimes they may like something that doesn’t necessarily go with something else they’ve picked out.  Or maybe they struggles with how to accessorize or what color of paint to pick. Your home should be a reflection of your personality. If you look around your home and it is lacking life and personality you may need to hire an interior designer. If you once liked your space, but now you and your family are at a different place in life and need an outsider’s view and touch, an interior designer can help. Some people have the time and know how to put décor, colors, and finishes together while others get overwhelmed with the number of available color choices, and styles. Keep reading to determine if you need to hire an interior designer.

In reality anyone can buy furniture, paint colors, and move furniture around a room. An interior designer, like myself on the other hand will sit down with you and discuss what your personal style is. They will determine by your family and lifestyle what finishes work best and what will fit your budget. An interior designer can help you plan a space to fit your life, and layout the necessary components to bring it to fruition.  If you cannot say your space reflects you, you should consider hiring a designer to take away the stress. Many people are good at visualizing in their head, then transposing to paper to articulate, and into the living and breathing space. If you enjoy these tasks and process, you may not need an interior designer. For you may have all the ammunition you need to seek online design inspiration to get started.

Your home is probably the most expensive asset you have therefore investing a little to hire an interior designer may pay off in the long run. If you’re weighing the pros and cons of hiring an interior designer, remember the expertise that an interior designer can bring, can outweigh the price of the physical service. The time, energy, trips back and forth to home improvement and furniture stores, and not to mention stress could all be handled with an interior designer. While on DIY projects on line of TV it appears that you can remodel a room in a weekend, the truth is that there are countless designers, trades people and crew to pull this off.

If you need help deciding then talk to an interior designer first. Most designers will offer a free consultation to come to your home and assess your design dilemmas and walk through your options. The decision to hire an interior designer can seem difficult, but in reality is not. If your budget permits then hiring an interior designer can be the most rewarding decision you can make for a quality design of your home. Use these tips to guide you in your decision! If you decide to hire an interior designer, give Studio 9 a call and I’ll answer your simple question for FREE!

-Raquel C.