Are Interior Designers Only For Wealthy People?

Are interior designers only for wealthy people? I’ve been asked this question many times before. This is a good question, but it depends on the interior designer that you want to hire. Interior designer’s work with a variety of clients, there are those “rich and famous” clients that will pay top dollar to have a designer design their home. And there are those clients that have a small budget. If you are looking for a high end designer and don’t have the budget to pay for that designer, then most likely, you can’t afford them. On the other hand, if you are like many other “regular” people you will definitely find a designer out there that you can afford.  One thing to remember is that not every designer is perfect for you and same goes for the designer.

Without doubt most Interior Designers love to work on high-end projects as we also need to pay the bills but many are willing to work with the client’s budget as well. Luxury and wealth does give the most freedom to a designer’s design concept but you can really see the capability of a designer when they are working with a tight budget. The client can compare the cost of having a designer with the value added to their property. On a large project a few percent of value added would cover the designer’s cost. When you hire a designer, a space can be optimized in usage therefore the value of the property multiplies. The value of using a designer is in having an environment created that suits the client’s needs, wants and desires, and to do it within their budget. Call Studio 9 for all your design needs, we work with your budget.

-Raquel C.

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