Interior Designer On A Budget – Can I Afford To Hire One?

Do you have a design project with a small budget and aren’t sure if you can afford to hire an interior designer on a budget? Many people believe that they can’t afford to hire an interior designer, but I’m here to tell you that, even if you have a small budget, there are ways that you can still work with an interior designer.

Through your home you get to invent and reinvent yourself, decorating your rooms with pieces that tell your story and reflect your artistic taste. Are you the kind of person that likes shopping online or at local shops, searching for that one-of-a-kind piece, endlessly rearranging your furniture, hanging and re-hanging that picture but realize that you don’t have the time? Or maybe you are intimidated by certain aspects of interior design. You probably don’t want to commit to an expensive, lengthy, full-fledged relationship with a designer, but know you need some help.

Interior Designer On A Budget: an extra eye to help with room layout

I’ve worked with clients who have collected some unique pieces from either places they’ve traveled to or shopped for but they are stuck on how to put them all together. All they needed was an extra eye to help with room layout, this is where I was able to assist for a small fee. Other clients know what they like but simply don’t have the time to find the best sources. They are confident in terms of furniture and accessories but are stymied when it comes to fabrics, flooring and window treatments. In fact, I had a client that didn’t even know curtains and blinds were called “window treatments”.

Some interior designers offer smaller-scale services for those clients on a small budget. For interior designers that are just starting out in the design field, this can be a great way to build relationships, and for an established designer who’s having a slow spell it can be a good way to fill in a couple of hours with no continuing obligation. Call us and ask about our fee regarding small, self-contained projects.

-Raquel C.

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