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Working from home has become more and more of a trend. For this reason people around the world try to find the best way to accommodate a creative and inspiring working environment in their homes. Home offices with an elegant atmosphere can promote a productive home working environment. Whether you use your home office once a month to pay bills or every day to work, your home office needs to be functional, beautiful, and efficient. Who likes to see piles of work papers and bills laying around? No one right! Putting in a little extra effort to tidy up your home office will help streamline your home for summer, so you can move on to the fun stuff. Having a clutter free office and a working system in place will make it easier to keep things looking good all year!

If you live in a small apartment and need to use all the space you can, a niche can become a perfect space for an office. When the room lacks storage space, a vintage wooden box or two can be used to store your magazines and paperwork. A small home office doesn’t need that much space, but it does require a large amount of creativity and thats where Studio 9 can assist! An idea for a small office is showcasing books on a vertical shelf next to an elegant desk while magazines decoratively hang on a wooden ladder, this would make a fantastic home office.

A corner of the living room can also be the place you use to get work done. Carefully choosing decor helps this space become part of the overall design. Investing in a comfortable office chair is of utmost importance for those spending a lot of time at a desk, so make sure you choose one that is both supporting and aesthetically pleasing. For some, space is not an issue and a home office occupies an entire room, the possibilities are practically endless! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, working from home or just looking for a stylish place to online shop, Studio 9 is here to assist in making your home office a dream come true! The below pictures are some ideas that I found on line.

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