Happy Mother’s Day!

On this very special day that we celebrate our mothers and wives, I’d specially like to wish my mother a happy Mother’s day and thank her for being the best mom God could have given me. When I think about what this day is all about I think of many ways to make the mothers in our lives feel special. How are you celebrating those lovely women today? My mom has been the backbone in my life, I can talk to her about almost anything, I trust her, she listens to me when I need to vent, and she loves me unconditionally.

Why don’t you step out of the routine flowers, chocolates, and give the mothers in your life the gift of working with an Interior Designer? Think of how much she deserves the gift of design wether it’s just sprucing up her bedroom or a full on home remodel! I had a client gift his mother her dream kitchen by hiring Studio 9 to make his mother’s dream come true. On this day here at Studio 9 we are celebrating mother’s around the world and looking forward to working with you soon! Make new memories with the mothers in your life as I have in the past with my mother. Here are some pictures of the amazing woman in my life (enjoy!) Have a happy and blessed Mother’s Day!

Raquel C.