Guatemalan Textiles

About a year ago I had the opportunity to take a last minute trip to Guatemala, I literally decided two days before my friend’s departure date (talk about being spontaneous!). I was able to explore a different culture and was amazed with their colorful markets and the clothing worn by the indigenous people, which was certainly the highlight of my trip. The flea markets vary from place to place but you can usually purchase artisan souvenirs, hand made paintings, jewelry, clothing, and much more. I visited my friend’s family in San Francisco La Union and fell in love with the people, the culture, the location, and of course the food! I didn’t want to leave and come back to reality! Guatemalan food is very unique and most of their meals are eaten with “tamalitos de masa” (flour tamales). I also visited Antigua Guatemala which is known as the best preserved Spanish colonial city in Central America and it’s famous for their flea markets. I visited a variety of their flea markets and found great hand made paintings with their signature vibrant colors.

The Guatemalan culture is very different from the US culture, even the wardrobe is different! The colorful “trajes” were so beautiful! The traje consists of a “huipil” which is a traditional, square-cut blouse that is hand-woven and heavily decorated with embroidered designs and a “Corte” which is the traditional Mayan skirt usually woven on a hand-loom. The indigenous people wear their traje very proudly. Here are a few picture that I took with my friend’s family because I loved all the different colors and patterns on their trajes. Some of these pictures are not mine (source unknown). After I returned from my trip I noticed that this fabric is trending everywhere! I’ve seen it used in shoes, notebooks, purses, and wallets. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a custom made area rug or pillow covers with these beautiful vibrant colors?! Adding these textiles and colors to your home through accessories such as pillows, throws, and area rugs are a fun, quick, and cost effective way to pack some color into your life, ready for the Spring and Summer.

Guatemalan textiles are usually made in warm tones, like red, orange and yellow which are colors that can energize a space. Imagine a custom made woven rug with cool tones such as blue, green and purple; a rug with those colors would create a quiet, relaxing atmosphere for a living room or bedroom.

Raquel C.


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