Commercial Office Space for ELACC

A few weeks ago I briefly wrote about a commercial project that I was working on. Finally, the long wait for the installation day has come to an end! I was hired by East Los Angeles Community Corporation (“ELACC”) to assist with the design of their new office building. I started this project about a year ago and I was so excited for this day to come to see the final phase. ELACC is a well-established 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing, community services, community organizing, and wealth building services to over 2,000 residents. ELACC wanted to use the same color scheme of their logo, therefore I matched the colors of the office furniture according to their request. I used a iguana green, million dollar red, and sunburst yellow for the office spaces and work stations. Clients wanted the office spaces to be functional, beautiful, and efficient; and Studio 9 fulfilled that request! Investing in a comfortable office chair is of utmost importance for those spending a lot of time at a desk, that is why I chose one that is both supporting and aesthetically pleasing from Herman Miller called the Sayl Chair. Once the furniture and chairs were installed, my assistant and myself propped up the desks in order to have a photoshoot and be able to share these amazing pictures with all of you. I wanted to share a fun fact with you all, for this photoshoot I used pictures of my pets in different frames. When I prop up my projects for photoshoots, I like to add a little personal touch and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase my dogs!

For those of you that work at an office, you know that the break room is a place that employees share and should feel like a “break” from work. The bold blue that was used for the cabinets looked great with the backsplash. The lighting that I chose gives the break room a calm atmosphere and soft lighting. I also propped this break room up with a few snack jars, utensils, tea bags, coffee maker, etc. making the room feel homey. Propping up a space requires a large amount of creativity and thats where Studio 9 can assist! Carefully choosing decor helped the office space and break room become part of the overall design. These offices now have an elegant atmosphere and promote a productive working environment. Below are a few pictures that I’d like to share with you all. It was a pleasure to work with ELACC and learn about the organization. Remember that choosing to work with an Interior Designer like myself, can save you a lot of headaches. Call Studio 9 for all your design needs.

Raquel C.

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