Custom Framing vs. Online/Store Bought Frames

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between custom picture framing and purchasing a store bought frame? I’m sure many just think that a frame is just a frame and glass is just glass. Some may even see it as an unnecessary expense but there is a difference, specially if the art that you are wanting to frame has some sort of monetary value. Not all art or anything you want to frame requires a custom frame, but I believe that for certain types of art or items there isn’t any other choice. As an Interior Designer it has been my experience that the additional cost of having custom framed is well worth it.

The benefits of custom framing:
• Unlimited choices in moulding and matting
• High quality, acid-free materials to protect your art and keep it in pristine condition
• It’s more affordable than you may think (call around and compare prices)
• Helps retain value (improperly treated art will quickly deteriorate and lose its value)

The disadvantage of purchasing a online/store-bought frame:
• The frame (often plastic or resin)
• The glass (probably not UV, or worse, a sheet of acetate)
• The mat (usually made from wood cellulose product)
• The backing (generally cardboard)

I actually experienced most of the disadvantages with an art piece that a client purchased online already framed. The frame was very flimsy, the finish was scratched off in practically all corners (see pictures). I had to order the same art piece three times and all three times the frame was damaged. It’s my job as an Interior designer to give my clients the option of custom framing, which usually that’s what they choose; like the Hotel Inspired Bedroom and the Teenage Dream Room (see pictures below). These are just a few of the art pieces that were custom framed. It’s always important to me that I suggest to my clients that they select and purchase their favorite prints/wall art because doing so adds a more personal touch to the interior reflecting their interests and hobbies; practically mirroring their personality. Bottom line, just like I emphasized it on my blog about Custom Drapery, It is also cost efficient to have your art pieces custom framed!

Raquel C.

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