Custom Drapery

When looking into drapery for your home most clients think of purchasing them at retail stores rather than having them custom made. In most cases, this choice is more of a financial decision but in the long run having your drapery custom made pays off. A client contacted me to assist her and her husband with window treatment for their living room, dining area, and the kitchen in their Spanish home. I had to work with their existing furniture pieces and color schemes, but I’m always up for a challenge! For the living room and dining area, I had the drapery hardware installed high and wide framing the windows creating the illusion of higher ceilings. My assistant and I completely propped the living room with decorative pillows, throws, flowers, art pieces, and decorative lighting. All furniture was completely rearranged as well! In the spirit of Spring, I selected soft yellows, cool grays and a vibrant orange.

The kitchen’s cafe drape fabric was chosen to be a soft white with hints of mustard yellow details, tying in those beautiful Malibu tiles installed on the kitchen’s backsplash. I didn’t want to distract from the kitchen’s beautiful finishes; instead the cafe drapes accentuated them. We propped this area with beautiful yellow tulips, cute baby carrots (fit for a bunny) and a Spring yellow casserole. Adding a few flower arrangements throughout the house, provided a sense of peace. As an Interior Designer, I recommend that if it’s within budget, custom window treatments are a must! They will be everything you desire and more! Store bought drapery usually needs to be hemmed or the sizes are too small, a lot of the times making a room feel “unfinished.” Think about custom window treatments as a tailored fit gown for your windows, walls and overall room. Dress up those windows!

Almost all accessories were a prop for the photoshoot. The main pieces that I had to work with were the sofa, coffee table, side chairs, area rug, and the dining set. The living room and dining room were instantly transformed within two hours, making the drapes as the focal point. The clients loved the new setup so much that they decided to keep a few accessories. They realized how much more they can appreciate their investments (a.k.a custom drapery!) I wanted to share this blog with all of you so that you can see that by only choosing well tailored/custom drapery can make a big difference in your home. These fabulous drapes look great open or shut!

Raquel C.