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Custom Cabinetry

Inspiration can be pulled from almost anywhere within our daily activities, outings, and travel. Starting from staring at the colors of the sunrise or sunset, to that fabulous lunch you’re out having at a trendy restaurant, or noticing the perfect color palette while on a hiking trail, to that beautiful wallpaper you saw in a magazine.

With today’s society heavily based on social media, we have our inspiration at our fingertips; just keep scrolling- you’ll find it! There you’ve found the image of the perfect pattern you would like to see somewhere in your home or office and you would love to see it come to life. I’m talking about seeing details that reflect you and your inspirations can be transcended into a custom cabinet piece for you. As odd as it sounds it is very much possible and we are making it happen at Studio 9.

When it comes to custom cabinetry the small details very much matter. The possibilities are endless when it comes to specifying different wood types, wood stain, paint, finish (lacquer, matte, metallic) fretwork, tracery, heights, depths, hardware and cabinet pulls, glass inserts, decorative mesh, and the list continues! Think of custom cabinetry as the essence of your home or office that defines your personal taste while getting much use out of it from day to day tasks. Custom means tailored to your functional needs and aesthetics.

Are you dreaming about having the perfect balance between a functional beautiful kitchen, bath cabinets, a gorgeous built-in entertainment center or home office? Or perhaps you want a chic credenza with unique finish details sure enough to spark a conversation at your dinner party? From space planning to auotcad drawings you can rely on us to deliver a superior interior that is tailored to you. Our design team and cabinetmakers ensure that your piece is fabricated with superior materials and solid construction methods to stand the test of time.