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Color Consultation

Color Consultation

If you are thinking of giving your home or office a different vibe without replacing furnishings, Color Consultation is the best road map to follow provided by Studio 9. Choosing the correct color scheme to achieve the vibe you are looking for is a service we can provide to you in order to create the mood you’re seeking based on your personal preferences and inspirations. Or if you are daring enough to lets us introduce you to color trends, or a specific hue that you wouldn’t ever consider using for your walls!

Trusting us that our color scheme is customized to your taste is key, chances are you will be pleasantly surprised. And if not, well its just paint; it can be changed to a color you are more comfortable with in a snap of a finger!

A good starting point for you is to gather a little bit of inspiration in order for us to understand your color vibe. Is your color vibe quiet, neutral, bold, or bright? Do you prefer earth tones or vibrant colors? What spectrum of the color wheel calls out to you? Making a list of the colors you like, dislike, and colors that fall in between gives us a good starting point. It gives us an idea on where to pull inspiration from to form your color vibe.

Other factors that determine the formation of the color palette are existing furnishings and their placement, natural sunlight, architectural details, and floor plan. The best time to schedule your color consultation is when you get the best natural sunlight as all colors read differently when comparing various paint chip samples. After colors have been approved we will select the appropriate wall finish to enhance those colors and your space.

Let Studio 9 add color to your life!