Cabinets with a Punch!

Happy hump day! Today’s blog is about bold color cabinetry. Have you noticed that painted kitchen cabinets are back with a new look? Not too long ago it seemed that everyone turned away from the vintage and retro look and started using beige, cream and espresso. Those three colors or the combination of all three is what we would usually see being utilized. But with a touch of an interior designer the vintage look is on trend again! The number of colors you can choose from for your kitchen cabinets are endless but your search can be streamlined by using the existing theme and your own taste in color combinations. A few bold colors are Purple, Orange, Fuchsia, Yellow, and Green.

Purples, violets and fuchsia have been well known in the last few years, and from what I hear, it’s predicted that these colors will continue to stay relevant in the next few years to come. Purple looks especially stunning in any setting that it is placed and instantly gives the room visual richness. While purple is a very strong color, painting your kitchen cabinets purple means that you should pay close attention to the surrounding decor and matching tones. For those who wish to incorporate purple kitchen cabinets in a more organized and modern interior, use a cool neutral shade for the remainder of the room.

Orange, yellow, and green are other colors that have been used in kitchen cabinets. These colors can instantly infuse playfulness and brightness in a kitchen that is dark and dull. Even a single kitchen cabinet in orange, yellow or green will make its presence felt, and it is an easy way to inspire orange accents into your kitchen. Orange, yellow and green are color shades that need balance and look best when used in moderation. You can combine all colors with a cool grey, white, or even light shades of blue to achieve this unique elegant look! It’s time to leave the boring colors behind and and drench your kitchen with some vibrant color! Call Studio 9 to assist in utilizing one of these vibrant colors. Here are a few pictures where the vibrant colors look amazing! The last two pictures are from a breakroom that I designed for a commercial building. The rest of the pictures are not mine but I admire their work.

-Raquel C.