Be Bold with Green

Today’s blog will be dedicated to Emerald Green which is a color that has become very trendy, It was even named color of the year in 2013, and three years later it’s still trending! I find this color so bold and beautiful, the color itself makes a statement. Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is also commonly associated with money. Maybe that’s why a lot of celebrities also love this color? Who watched the Oscars? I sure did. Other then Leonardo DiCaprio finally wining an Oscar award, a well deserved Academy Award, (Go Leo!), did you notice all the beautiful dresses that were walked down the red carpet? Like the GREEN one that Saoirse Ronan wore. Wasn’t it amazing? I’ve seen this color used not just in fashion but also in interior design, not necessarily the exact emerald green but green in general.

You can either have a little Emerald green with art work, a dresser with brass handles or a sofa. If you want to be bold, an emerald green wall would look amazing as well, better yet, a nice wall paper. This beautiful bold and sophisticated color will also look great in a bathroom using green subway or mosaic tile. It can be combined with soft colors like gray, yellow, white or bright colors like pink (picture below). If you’re not daring and are afraid to use too much green, then you can stay with white or any other lighter color on the walls and accessorize the area with a green area rug, custom made chairs, table lamps, throw pillows, dining set, or a sofa. This color also looks great when used as a stair case carpet runner. I’ve included some pictures that are not mine, the source is unknown. Like they say “Go bold or go home!”


Raquel C.