Baby Room Ideas – Designing a Nursery for your bundle of joy

Are you getting ready to bring your bundle of joy home? Today I’ll be sharing a few modern design nursery room ideas. There are so many options and baby room design trends available, therefore a baby’s room no longer has to be a traditional, pastel-colored style. If you like the modern design, then you will enjoy todays blog because I’ve compiled a collection of baby room ideas that your baby will love.

baby-room-ideas-5 ba-nursery-decorative-ba-room-art-ideas-with-cute-wallpaper-baby-room-chandelier

When you begin to design your baby’s room, that is practical, safe and will look great as your baby grows, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Add a dimmer to lighting so that you can adjust the light as you desire.
2. Select durable, washable fabrics and rugs that can easily be cleaned
3. Select furniture pieces that can evolve from nursery to a teenager’s room
4. Think about furniture placement and safety once your baby begins to walk.
Some good baby-proofing ideas include covering wall outlets, keeping the crib away from window treatments and cords.
5. Make sure your baby’s room is uncluttered with plenty of storage options that make cleanup easy since most of the time you will be holding your baby.
6. Plan on having plenty of floor space so your baby can have floor playtime.

contemporary-bedroom-designs-baby-bedroom-ideas-unique-baby-girl-bedroom-furniture-nursery-mural-ideas interesting-light-blue-accents-wall-paint-for-awesome-baby-room-idea-with-twin-cradles-and-grey-mousquito-net-under-charming-chandelier

Consider using a crib that converts into your baby’s first bed when the crib is outgrown. Because the crib is the most used item in a baby’s room, order it ahead of time. Delays happen, cribs get damaged during the delivery therefore you want to allow enough time for any unexpected delays. If you don’t know the sex or your baby or want it to be a surprise, go with timeless and modern grey as your baby’s room main color. Grey works with any bold accent shade making it modern but classic. According to parenting guru Dr. Sears:

“The best way you as a parent can stimulate baby’s vision is using black and white stripes or light and dark contrasting colors. So what about those nice soft pastels that used to be so popular in baby toys and nurseries? While these may look pretty to you, they do nothing visually for your baby. Research has proven that black and white contrasts register powerfully on baby’s retina and send the strongest visual signals to baby’s brain. Stronger signals mean more brain growth and faster visual development.”

IMG_5332 ikea-nursery-ideas-that-keep-everything-handy__1364308366677-s4

Black and white are not the only colors that babies are attracted to. They are also attracted to any bold, contrasting colors in graphic patterns. Great places to include pattern are; a wallpaper or mural wall, upholstery and other textiles, and an area rug. Another place to add pattern and contrast is the ceiling!

baby-storage great-ceiling

Babies love to be rocked to sleep, I recommend using a hanging chair or cool, contemporary rocker. Find creative ways to display baby’s name in their room. Some ideas include: Framed letters on the wall, monogrammed sheets or pillows, accessories with your baby’s initials or name, and your baby’s name in marquis light-up letters that double as a night light. It’s unbelievable how many things a small baby needs. Create an easy storage combination, like cabinets, baskets and drawers where clutter can be easily stored, with beautiful, modern open storage like a bookcase wall to display your baby’s favorite keepsakes or books. Below are some inspirational pictures that I would consider using. Call Studio 9 for all your design needs as we are prepare to create the perfect place to introduce your baby to great design!

-Raquel C.

marquis floor-time