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AutoCad Drawings

What exactly are AutoCad or CAD drawings? The definition for CAD is “Computer-Aided Drawings” AutoCad is one of the most common software that Interior Designers and Architects use.

The software allows design professionals to digitally create floor plans and elevations of your home or office allowing us to explore different layout options, design concepts, and help our client visualize how their home or office can potentially look like.

Revising floor plans to see if you can add more square footage to your property, or to see if you can squeeze in another base and upper cabinet in in your kitchen remolding project, or to see if you can fit a free-standing tub in your new master bathroom remodeling project are all possible within seconds and a few keystrokes thanks to CAD drawings.

For 9 years, Studio 9 has been an experienced professional generating CAD drawings and elevations for our entire residential and commercial interior design projects. Working on CAD has been our stepping-stone within the interior design industry working for various designers drafting their floor plans. We know our CAD well!

At Studio 9 we present our clients with three promising layouts for their home or commercial office project. After client feedback is collected, modifications are made creating the final approved layout ready for the bidding and construction phase.
All layouts presented consider functionality, our client’s needs, and aesthetics. We approach each project with a creative flare that not only visually enhances your space but also maximizes the use of each square foot within the parameters we are given to work with. Along with the floor plans we also present 2D Elevations to our clients displaying how each wall of your space will look like with all proposed furnishings, light fixtures, tile designs, cabinetry and millwork detail, and window treatments.