The Art of Accessorizing

Does accessorizing your home make an impactful difference? Accessories are the finishing touches of color, texture, and shape that impacts your decor. The role they play in the design concept is important! They reflect your personal style and pull your other décor selections together to finalize the design. It has been my experience as an Interior Designer that clients tend to forget that choosing accessories is an important part of the project. Interior Designers, like myself use balance, proportion, color, and creativity when utilizing accessories.

Before you begin to plan and chose your accessories, you have to ensure that all renovations and core selections like paint, lighting fixtures, and flooring have been completed and installed. Then review your space, furnishings, drapery; and consider where you may need a little “pop”.  Accent furnishings such as side tables, lamps, throw pillows, and artwork can be functional accessories. The items that you select can be bold or subtle, whatever defines you and your family. Accessories cannot be overlooked or treated as less important because they can make or break the look and feel of your home and/or office.

Most of the images below are mine, I’ve taken these of my work once the project has been installed. Other images are some that I found online which I intend to use in the future. Remember that the smallest design elements can really pull a room together!

Raquel C.