5 Easy and Quick Ways to Bring Fall Into Your Home

Fall is finally here! And today I’ll be sharing 5 easy and quick ways to bring fall into your home. As an interior designer, I love all the different seasons because they give me an excuse to get creative! Fall brings new color trends, blends, and warmth into your home. Fall is one of my favorite seasons because I can curl up on the sofa with a blanket, coffee or hot chocolate. These are the 5 tips I’ll be sharing:

  1. Bring fall into your home with seasonal fragrances through candles, diffuses, hand soaps, dish soap, potpourri, etc. Other fragrances like spice apple and pumpkin soufflé give your living room a warm feeling. I recommend that you use one single scent at any given time, and if you purchase hand and dish soaps, make sure that you buy a set of the same scent.
  2. One of the quickest way to bring fall into your home is by simply swapping colors. All you need to do is switch the bright furniture for warmer colors like cream, brown, pumpkin, and gold to achieve that classic fall style. Add some warm throws and blankets, and bring in some warm toned rugs to really establish the base for your fall color palette.
  3. Texture is the simplest way to change the mood of a room. Add some extra texture by bringing nature indoors. You can do this by simply filling vases with dried fall colored flower arrangements, find bouquets that include Goldenrod, teasels, poppy seed heads, marigolds and even maple leaves to add some beautiful color, texture and style into the room.
  4. You can also welcome fall into your home by simply placing small dishes filled with pine cones on your shelves, you will make a huge statement. If you’re lucky enough to live near a forest or nature reserve, you may even be able to find some naturally dried flowers that will look even more stunning than the store-bought alternative. Switch your decorative accessories to wooden or brass (or gold) frames and bowls and tinted glass to really tie in the overall fall theme.
  5. This next tip is one of my favorites because it puts a special touch into your home. Changing family photos and bold works of art is also a great way to make your home feel warm and ready for fall. Take some snaps of the kids doing fall activities such as raking the leaves and playing in the park and create some new family memories and frame them to put around your home.

The great thing about these 5 super quick ways to bring fall into your living room is that it doesn’t matter what kind of time frame or budget you may have, these are all doable. It really is all about color and texture for fall, so as long as you focus on these key aspects, you’ll have a comfortably stunning living room. As always, Studio 9 is here to assist with all your design needs. Here are some inspirational images I found on line.

-Raquel C.

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